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Reimagining every aspect of one of Melbourne's best coffee roasters.

23 Degrees Coffee Roasters

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In 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters' world, every cup tells a story of integrity, passion, and the transformative power of conscious consumption.

Nestled in Melbourne's picturesque Bayside, 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters is dedicated to ethical coffee culture. Founded to revolutionise the coffee supply chain, 23 Degrees aims to bring positive change to coffee farming communities and make high-quality coffee accessible to everyone, from enthusiasts to novices. 23 Degrees has built genuine relationships with farmers based on trust and mutual respect. Their commitment to integrity, fairness, and environmental sustainability guides every aspect of their operation. The company's founder once said, "If you have the chance to do the right thing, why wouldn't you?" The name "23 Degrees" reflects the company's deep ties with coffee farming communities. Symbolising the geographical belt where coffee thrives, stretching 23 degrees north and south of the equator, it encapsulates their profound connection to the lands that yield nature's most cherished bean.

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

Clued was entrusted to lead 23 Degrees' comprehensive rebranding efforts.
We identified a need for the beloved brand to better align its messaging, photography, and design with its authentic connection to its coffee growers and the joy coffee brings consumers.

Brand Personality

Connected to 23 Degrees' mission and values, we developed a brand personality that embodies down-to-earthiness, authenticity, honesty and trust, connectedness, joy and warmth.

Brand Voice

The brand's tone is positive, engaging, and passionate. It conveys pride in the direction chosen, a commitment to ethical practices, and a genuine desire to connect with customers. The language is friendly, enthusiastic, and focused on sharing 23 Degrees's values and mission.

Graphic Design & Packaging

We reimagined 23 Degrees coffee packaging to match its mission and values, focusing on graphics, information, layout, colour palette, and voice. The reimagined design represents 23 Degrees' deep connection to its diverse coffee origins and farmers. The bold colours represent the coffee's different origins, with its varied cultures and being part of colourful ecosystems. They also ooze with joy. Natural visual elements like flowers, birds, bees and plants framed in sloping hills represent the connection to the coffee's ecosystem. The female design characters pay homage to the talented women coffee growers in 23 Degrees' coffee supply chain.

Shopify Ecommerce Website

We designed a new Ecommerce website for 23 Degrees based on Shopify. The website focuses on customer experience and conveys 23 Degrees' values of fairness and connectedness, the feeling of community, honesty, authenticity, and warmth. To achieve this, we incorporated elements such as megamenus, photography of 23 Degrees coffee-growing communities, the hard work behind each cup of coffee, unique quality content, and brewing and coffee selection guides.


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